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Overheard a discussion in the bus, on my way home. A woman argued with her teenage son about computer games, said that they are evil, that they make people aggressive and suicidal. I was listening and listening and listening to her high hysterical voice and tried not to interfere... but to the end of the trip I was on my edge. I wanted to tell her so so much... like: you know what?!
Games don't make people aggressive - life does! I'm not running on the streets with knife and stubbing people with it just because I'll come home, turn on my computer, launch ''Dying Light'' and there I'll stub dozens of zombies, again and again, again and again, because I had a hard day and now I hate all humankind, including men, women and small children, and especially you! I won't kill you with my own hands just because I'll come home and launch Dishonored or Skyrim and will do several headshots with arrows (oh, and heaven knows how I want to shoot smb right now). I'll come home and launch GTA Vice City and will run on virtual streets, hitting virtual people with virtual club. I'll launch Dragon Age Inquisition and will burn demons with fire and lightnings, or freeze them to death. Or start again Tomb Raider and kill some cannibals on some lost island.  
I'll launch Mechwarrior Online and imagine myself as a pilot of my favorite Stormcrow with Gauss Riffle and 4 med-lasers, and I will shoot and burn enemies and maybe die several times, until I start feeling calm and peaceful.
And maybe start feeling like loving humankind again.
But not you, old hag.
Well, maybe even you too.

...but I didn't say all of that to her.
I just had a very tiring day. That's all. So, the one thing that's left to decide: Tomb Raider or Dragon Age Inquisition? Oh-oh, such a difficult choice. 
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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Born in Novosibirsk in Siberia, then in the age of 7 moved to Novokuznetsk. (You see? A girl of N-city!))). At the age of 17 moved to Novosibirsk again and entered Novosibirsk State University, where I'm now studying linguistics and literature (Russian, German and English). In my spare time I dance traditional Irish, Whales, Scottish and British dances, sing, make historical reconstruction of vikings' epoch, write some poems and tales. used to do photography, but I haven't done it lately.
Fan of Star Trek - and It's everything I can tell about myself.
Oh. Yes! I LOVE cats. *_*
And also - really want to learn English and have an advanced level someday! ><

twitter: aby_of_NCity (ru)

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you're welcome.
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you're always welcome))) I really love your photography!
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Thank you for the :+fav: Vasilina
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you're welcome! :)
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Hey, thank you so very much for the watch. I always appreciate it, if people take in interest in my stuff. You really made my day =D Have a killing time and stay awesome! 
Aby-of-N-city Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, thanks! it's my pleasure, really, I'm glad that it made your day XD I just suddenly found your drawings and liked it, thought that there might be an awesome comic (and though haven't find it (or am I just inattentive?), I'm looking forward to read it someday X'D)
NimeniCanine Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2015  Student General Artist
Ah no. I haven't done a finished comic yet. To much to do to little time, it's really sad, cause I'm itching for it D: 
But it's pretty cool that you wanted to search for one. What comic did you look for? =D 
Aby-of-N-city Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
haha, no idea XD I just liked your style, when I found a pic with a wolvish girl and dead bird, liked the atmosphere, and thought that I'd like to read the story about it, or just another story, drawn in such style. XD But I had no special preferences in my mind)
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